Menee™ (pronounced "Men-ee") creates loungewear for women who are facing their Goddess or menopause years, from peri to post.

Designed with hot flashes and night sweats in mind, our lounge or sleepwear is made from linen and can worn for sleep, lounging, or even to run errands in warm weather.

Why Linen?

We use linen for all of our loungewear. Linen is a fiber that is created from the flax plant. It is natural, sustainable, breathable, and washable. It is strong, durable, and antibacterial. Linen wicks sweat away from you with its highly-absorbent qualities, and it's also quick-drying.

The more you wear and wash linen, the softer it becomes. To us, linen is the perfect choice to keep us cool during our menopausal years.

Created by Ivy Lynn, a woman who recently entered her menopausal years, Menee™ helps with the issue of sweaty nights, in style. Before launching Menee, Ivy Lynn founded sewing pattern company, IVIYE. 

Lynn decided to move away from being an indie sewing pattern designer to founding Menee after her entry into symptomatic menopause left her struggling with hot flashes, night sweats, palpitations, severe anxiety, and agoraphobia. She knew that if she could create something that was helpful to her getting a better nights sleep it might be helpful to other women.