Menee Stylist Program

"Ready to launch or expand your wellness business and impact the lives of women?"

If you're a wellness lover who enjoys helping women feel better, then you may be just who we're looking for. Become an exclusive Stylist with Menee and make an excellent income on your terms.

Get ready to dive into an exciting adventure where you're part fashion maven, part wellness wonder, and part business builder! Chart your own course, unleash your passion, and make your dreams a reality!

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The Menee Stylist picks her hours, where she works, and how far she goes. As a Menee Stylist, you decide how much you'd like to earn... from additional income to a large-scale stylist agency. Our generous commissions can lead you down the road to realizing your greatest dreams while creating a new network of clients, friends, and associates.

Want to learn more? Watch the video below. (By the way, we've recently added a lifetime Licensee plan.)

Here's a quick overview...

You’ll be trained thoroughly by marketing, style, and wellness experts. You’ll learn how to excite other women about the benefits of taking care of themselves. And as you build your business, you’ll grow in creativity and marketing - while expanding your network and making new friends!

Again, here are your benefits as a Menee Stylist:

Choice of Start-Up Sample(s) (quantity dependent upon Licensee plan)

Certification & Licensing As A Menee Stylist

Marketing & Business-Building Training

25% Commission On All Sales Generated By You

25% Commission On All Sales Of Friends & Family Regardless Of Location

25% Commission On All Sales In Your Zip Code

Exclusive Territory In Your Home Zip Code

Additional Samples at $10 Above Cost (Quantity Limited to 12 Per Quarter)

Ability to Build An Agency

A Sellable Asset as a Licensee

If you're ready to join us as a Menee Stylist, please choose your plan below.

Once it's confirmed your zip code is available, you will receive a signable, licensing agreement within 24 hours of your paid submission. If your zip code is unavailable, you will receive an email with an explanation and notification of canceled/returned payment.

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